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In her poetry and scripts, CJ McGillivray explores dependency, wanderlust, nostalgia and mental health. Much of her writing uses humour and compassion to challenge the unfair judgements placed upon people struggling with mental health and instability. Her recent stage plays include the dark comedy Rogue Horizon, The City Never Sleeps and the family drama White Picket Fence, developed through the inaugural Playwrights in Residence Program hosted by Delinquent Theatre. Previously, CJ received a scholarship of recognition and excellence from the Arts Club Theatre Company for the development of her psychological thriller, Pity Old Flame under the mentorship of acclaimed actor and playwright Shawn MacdonaldShe has immense gratitude to the Arts Club Theatre and to each of her playwriting mentors, Hiro Kanagawa, Dave Daveau, Shawn Macdonald and Amiel Gladstone. For a complete summary of her playwriting experience, refer to her playwriting resume.


Mature, complex and sophisticated. She displays an oddball fraternity with the early works of Harold Pinter and the fresh perspective of a contemporary young mind.

– Stephen Drover, Associate Artistic Director of Arts Club Theatre

Funny, insane, absurd, poetic, quirky and original. Her dialogue and characters bounce with vibrancy and definition.

– Moses Caliboso, emerging local playwright

She takes risks and approaches sensitive issues with just the right amount of intensity, humour and believability.

– Nicholas Harrison, theatre department faculty at Capilano University


The following portfolio details recent writing by CJ McGillivray, encompassing her work as a playwright and screenwriter.