The following demo reel includes a selection of short films featuring CJ McGillivray. Her various roles explore a broad range of absurdist comedy, romance and drama.

For a complete summary of her film acting experience, refer to her acting resume. Select credits include Argentum, The Curse of Maggie Boon, Romeo and Juliet, Love Empire, Werewolf EyesPhoebe and Bianca Sitting in a Tree and Intercession.


CJ McGillivray also has experience working as a composer, screenwriter and production designer for independent short films. Here is a selection of her recent work:

  • Almost There by CJ McGillivray and Davin Reid

Starring CJ McGillivray and Davin Reid. Directed by CJ McGillivray and Davin Reid, produced by Jackson Davies, cinematography by Diego Arias Montoya, editing by CJ McGillivray, shot on location in Vancouver, British Columbia, featuring The First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes.

  • Trailer for Shades of Us by CJ McGillivray


CJ McGillivray also does corporate videography and film editing for brand development, social media engagement and marketing purposes. Her videography portfolio includes relevant examples of recent corporate video projects for a variety of organizations.


Here is a selection of recent film contracts for CJ McGillivray, encompassing her work as an actor, composer, screenwriter and production designer. For more examples, refer to her design portfolio.