Big Sister

BIG Sister is a true story, depending on who you ask. The theatrical play is a solo comedy about the relationship between two sisters and what happens when one of them changes. The real life experience of actor Naomi Vogt’s 70-pound weight loss is written through the perspective of her younger sibling, playwright Deborah Vogt. BIG Sister explores a world of evil siblings, fat shaming, and unlikely collaboration.

BigSister Image

In February 2020, BIG Sister was produced by presenting company Rapid Pitch Productions in collaboration with The Cultch Theatre. The Cultch was pleased to partner with the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre as their community partner for the run of BIG Sister.


Naomi Vogt


Directed by Jamie King with sound design by CJ McGillivray, set design by Magnolia Cairns, set advising by Jenn Stewart, lighting design by Taylor Janzen, dramaturgy by Jamie King and stage management by Jessica Keenan.


But what sets apart the Vogts’ Vancouver Fringe-born piece is the innovative way the sisters upend the notion of a two-hander. Naomi confesses all her feelings and memories through her sibling’s perspective – interjecting her own truth when it contradicts the story being told. Deborah (who actually lives in London, England) is an ever-present force – not just via the script but through voice-overs and letters pulled out of a red mailbox.

– Janet Smith, The Georgia Straight