Blood Orange Scotch Seawater

After a tragic death in the family, a dysfunctional quartet of friends come together for an endless night of indulgence and amusement that will forever change their lives. What starts off as carefree evening of drinking and dancing soon takes an unpredictable turn for the wild side. In a few short hours, the friends find themselves submerged into a raunchy and ridiculous world of drunken debauchery. Fine lines are crossed as identities unravel and confused fondness is suddenly replaced with casual fondling.

Blood Orange Scotch Seawater by CJ McGillivray premiered at the Vancouver Eastside Cultural Centre running from May 6th through May 11th, 2013. Under the direction of emerging artist Marie Farsi, the play featured an outlandish cast of liars and sweethearts who are unwittingly caught up in their own selfish and absurd mishaps. The diverse, talented ensemble was lead by Katie Stuart alongside Stephanie Wong, Joel Montgrand and Ridley Wallace.