Bonnie and Clyde


In March 2016, Play On Words Productions embarked on an exhilarating and ambitious production of Bonnie and Clyde: The Musical directed by up and coming theatre artist Ryan Nuñez. Adapted by Frank Wildhorn, Don Black and Ivan Menchell, the musical explores a fearless and true story of wild passion and thirst for fame told through memorable music and relatable characters. From their very first meeting, Bonnie and Clyde are immediately connected by their desire to be bigger than their small town lives and they set off together to chase their dreams. When their reckless adventure goes awry it’s sets them on a downward spiral, with their friends and family following in tow.

CJ McGillivray was honoured to contribute towards the dynamic visual world through assistant designing the set and selecting the various period props and weaponry used throughout the show. The creative team also featured Marquis Byrd as Musical Director, Lyndsey Britten as Choreographer and Kaja Jean and Ziggy Shultz as Stage Managers. The stunning costume design was created by Marci Herron with set design lead by Jessica Snook, sound design by Clare Wyatt and lighting design by Andrew Chu.

The cast was lead by Sherry Freeman and Charlie Deagnon alongside Cassady Ranford , Will Hopkins, Henry Beasley, Stef Stanley, Nathan Cottell , Taylor McKee, Jason Sakai, Sabrielle McCurdy Foreman, Chloe Rowat, Steven Masson, Anastasia Unger, YooRa Kang and Jesse Alvarez.