Elvish Blades

The Elvish Blades are an alliance of assassins and revolutionaries who act as the moral guardians of their land. When the world falls into chaos, the alliance is seriously damaged and the fate of the land falls on the shoulders of a young half elf. To save the land, he must embark on a journey to face his destiny and uncover the past, He must dream, rise and rebel.

The medieval fantasy film, Elvish Blades, was directed by Evan Graves in association with Graves Productions. The short film was shot entirely on green screen at the University of British Columbia. It premiered at the Persistence of Vision Film Festival in Spring 2015. In her role as the goblin chieftaness, CJ McGillivray had a terrific experience learning the elaborate fight choreography and swordplay.

Abbey Dutton, Tyler Burrows and Braye Dial with CJ McGillivray and Niamh Dillon

Directed by Evan Graves and produced by Eimanne El Zein with cinematography by Andy Hawkes, art direction by Andy Alvarez and make up by Silver Anderson and Vasilia Worrell.