Set in post war Berlin, Frankenstein 1945 explores the world of Victor Frankenstein, a young doctor who has recently severed ties to the Nazi medical experiments. His lover, Elizabeth, is a young Jewish engineer returning home to Germany at last. In trying to make peace with the horrors they have witnessed, the pair try to develop a way to bring back the dead. The noir thriller explores the monsters created by us and within us… and what happens when we let them loose.


Madelyn Osborne, Gregory Radzimowski, Natalie Davidson, Munish Sharma, Jessica Quartel, Pedro Chamale, Anais West, Zach Wolfman, Brennan Campbell and Ryan Scramstad


Directed by Mily Mumford with sound design and projections by CJ McGillivray, set design by Jared Raschke, interior set design and props by Meaghan Cate, lighting design by Daniel Tessy, costume design by Shelby Wyminga, stage management and production management by Diana Bartosh.



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