Generation Post Script

What does privilege mean? It means you get to watch the rest of humanity die.

Generation Post Script by Mily Mumford

It is two generations into the future. What is left of humanity survives in space stations in orbit around our planet. Interstellar travel is not yet possible and Earth is uninhabitable. A misfit group of college students of the post script generation, the first to be born in space, bond over their shared anxieties and a desire to reconcile what happened to the rest of their species. Generation Post Script premiered at Studio 1398 in April 2017.



Douglas Ennenberg, Xander Williams, Bailey Soleil Creed, Levi Schneider and Ming Hudson with holograms played by Amitai Marmostein, Nina Boosheri, Jay Clift and Luc D’lppolito.


Directed by Mily Mumford with sound design by CJ McGillivray, lighting design and technical direction by Kougar Basi, projection design by Cameron Fraser, makeup design by Kelsey Zimmerman, makeup consultation by Cheyenne Mabberley, stage management by Samantha Pawliuk and assistant stage management by Nico Dicecco with production assistance by Hannah Rose Brearley.