Heart Beats


I made mistakes. But we never ceased to laugh at silly little things until we ended up clutching our sides.

– Heart Beats by Savina Chen

CJ McGillivray recently had the pleasure of playing a lead role in the short film Heart Beats, produced by the Vancouver Film School and the department for Foundations of Visual Art and DesignHeart Beats was directed by Savina Chen with beautiful cinematography done by Cesar de Alba. The film was shot on location in the beautiful Stanley Park along with scenes in a lovely suburban home and an isolated hospital room.

In the contemporary romance, CJ McGillivray plays the leading role of Abby with local actor Alex Crusafon Pont in the role of her boyfriend, Aden. Her character loves unconditionally and effortlessly with an essence of sweet sincerity, similar to the romantic female archetype seen in many classical films. The story turns shockingly beautiful and heartbreaking when Abby is diagnosed with a fatal heart disease. She makes an effort to live every moment in the present but the experience nearly destroys Aden as he cannot handle seeing her suffer.

Heart Beats Image