Killjoy Play Series


In association with Upintheair Theatre and The Frank Theatre, The Killjoy Play Series is partnering with The Revolver Festival to bring new works to the stage. CJ McGillivray is excited to be sound designing three world premieres of local plays written by female and non-binary artists.


May 25th to June 2nd, 2019 at the Greenhouse Studio in Vancouver, BC

Burqa Boutique by Brishkay Ahmed

Somewhere in the region of the Middle East/Central Asia – sometime in our recent past – a civil war erupts in a country held together by opposing ideologies. A multigenerational group of women get caught in the middle as the Brother’s Republic Party and the Sons of Jihad clash. The women find refuge inside a burqa boutique that separates the nation into two distinct districts; the District of Noor and the District of Tariq. The boutique provides a necessary service, hijab for women and girls crossing into Tariq and purchasing hijab from women and girls moving into Noor. Hijab is mandatory in Tariq, hijab is banned in Noor. Suddenly both the women of Noor and the women of Tariq are made to confront the realities of the past and make decisions for their future. While the men battle for gold and copper, the women debate over identity and faith. Through one long night, Aisha, Hafsa, Zaynab, Khadeja, and Fatima consider their identities, as formed and framed by political parties, while a radio carries them through the battle.

The Way You Carry On by C.R. Packer

The Way You Carry On tells the heartfelt story of Kelly and Nic, two estranged sisters in their mid-thirties, who are women we don’t often get to see. Nic is queer, polyamorous and about to have her first child in a blended family of four co-parents. Kelly has just left her nuclear family – her husband and two young children – as a way of affirming her selfhood and her truth. Sitting in Nic’s backyard in East Van, on unceded Musqueam territory, we witness two women on the brink of transformation as they confront the forces in their lives that both shaped and alienated them.

Fireflies by Kanon Hewitt

Fireflies is a dystopian sci-fi drama set in the conflict zone between the traditional and the futuristic. Amika, a mixed-race Japanese non-binary youth, escapes a fertility centre in Japan to avoid execution for being “mixed-blood”. They are forced to leave behind their mother, Yui, a notorious Japanese rebel who gave birth to Amika in hiding after violating mandatory entry into the national fertility program. Amika encounters Suzuki in the forest, a youth who fled his military training camp after questioning its nationalist curriculum. Realizing they have more similarities than differences, they become unlikely allies, working together to free Yui.


Killjoy Theatre is a feminist collective that develops and produces new work by female and non-binary artists. Their approach to new play development is intersectional and artist-driven. They create an anti-oppressive, inclusive space where writers have agency over their own dramaturgical process. They support projects while fostering the careers of their authors: they invest in a play from inception to production, and work to establish each playwright as a professional in the theatre community.

Killjoy Theatre stands in decolonial solidarity with the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Nations on whose traditional, ancestral, and unceded territories the collective lives and works.