Marie’s Letters

The 12th Annual SHIFT Festival ran from July 11th to 13th, 2019 with performances a nightly program featuring three short and sharp original works by local theatre artists and creators. Each of the short works showcased vigorous local voices exploring the past, present and future.

The program opened with Marie’s Letters, written and performed by Tai Amy Grauman. The narrative explored five generations of Metis women speaking to their unborn daughters’ hopes, dreams, fears and survival. The production was directed by Gavan Cheema with sound design by CJ McGillivray, stage managed by Sammie Hatch. The script developed with the support of Boca del Lupo and the 3.7% Initiative.

Additionally, the program featured ōpimātis, a short interdisciplinary work which was created and performed by Kelsey Kanatan Wavey and directed by Nyla Carpentier. The evening rounded out with and interactive musical experience titled Sound Off, developed and performed by Claire Love Wilson and Sara Vickruck.