RIP! A Winkle in Time


One week after her graduation from the theatre department at Capilano University, CJ was thrilled to come on board with Axis Theatre on their production of RIP! A Winkle in Time. The quirky comedy marked her professional debut in theatre production.

Axis Theatre boldly shares the story of an endearing young man who is literally ripped from the fabric of time. Played by Stefano Guilianetti, the young man returns home to recapture the life he lost after he is frozen for one hundred years. As an assistant stage manager working quietly behind the scenes, CJ was quickly immersed into the world of technical theatre. Her role included the handling of properties and assisting the performers through quick changes during some of the more high energy, physical and comedic sequences of the play. This even included catching the odd rifle as it was tossed off stage during a cabaret number. The experience was both inspiring and educational for CJ McGillivray and she looks forward to building her knowledge and understanding of theatre production for more challenging and varied roles down the road.