Stan Anderson


I am confident that your walnut sized brain led you down this terrible and pathetic journey. I hope you went through a lot of suffering.

– Stan Anderson by Thea Loo, Natalie Murao and Stephanie Porter

Dark comedy took on a fresh meaning at the Simon Fraser University School for Contemporary Arts in early December 2015. CJ McGillivray had the pleasure of working on Stan Anderson, a hilarious and awkward short film directed by Stephanie Porter. The story evokes laughter with plenty of awkward silences, deadpan expressions and quirky humour. In the lead role of Willow, CJ portrayed an unbalanced love child with strange mannerisms and hidden motives. Her character is accompanied on a series of misadventures by a hopeless though well meaning companion Greg, as portrayed by local actor Rylan Oleksyn. The chemistry is strange and uncomfortable.


Stan Anderson was shot on location in the hidden corners of Gastown, West Vancouver and Guelph Park. The exquisite production design was envisioned by Natalie Murao with Thea Loo as the director of photography. Both Willow and Greg encounter a vibrant and peculiar colour scheme throughout the film as they meander from one ridiculous scenario to another.