The Good Bride

As fifteen year old Maranatha waits excitedly for her twenty-eight year old fiancé to carry her off to their wedding, the young girl muses on love, sex, and milkshakes. She prays to a God she loves without question. But as she is made to wait night after night, will her faith uphold?

The west coast premiere of The Good Bride was produced by Alley Theatre and the Firehall Arts Centre in February 2019. The production then toured to the Evergreen Cultural Centre and the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts in March 2019.


Marisa Emma Smith


Directed by Donna Spencer with sound design by CJ McGillivray, set design by Carolyn Rapanos, props design by Diana Bartosh, lighting design by Lauchlin Johnston and costume design by Barbara Clayden. Stage managed by Joanne PB Smith with publicity by Amy Lynn Strilchuk, technical direction by Liz Kraft, assistant direction by Krys Yuan and production assistance by Jessica Keenan.