The Old Haunt

The Old Haunt by Avery Burrow is a psychological ghost story that follows a college sophomore and a whimsical stoner girl as they explore the wilderness outside of Campbell River. Their adventure takes a dark turn when they come across two hikers who bear a striking resemblance to figures from the past. Amid hallucinations, wrong turns and broken conversations, the pair discover a harsh truth and a human connection that neither of them thought was possible. In October 2015, Excavation Theatre presented an overwhelmingly successful run of The Old Haunt at The Shop Theatre, located in Vancouver, British Columbia.


Matt Montgomery, Lucia Forward, Nina Tischhauser and Kiki Thornton-Trump


Directed by Jessica Anne Nelson with set design by CJ McGillivray, sound design by David Cowling and lighting design by Michael Methot; stage managed by Keisha Gill and produced by Excavation Theatre