LEAP Intensive


The most important thing about this program is that it really encourages and teaches young people how to take control and develop a really positive relationship with their own creativity.

– Shawn Macdonald, Arts Club LEAP Playwriting Mentor

Over the past couple of years, the Arts Club Theatre Company has been incredibly supportive of CJ McGillivray in her artistic education and creative development. Under the mentorship of acclaimed local playwright and actor Shawn Macdonald, her work with the LEAP Playwriting Intensive became a fundamental component in her artistic education. CJ had the opportunity to start from scratch as an emerging playwright and work her way up to the development of a full length dramatic script in her final year of the program.

In her exclusive interview and artist profile by the Arts Club Theatre Company, CJ reflects on the leaps and hurdles that went into the creation of her latest psychological thriller, Pity Old Flame. The dramatic script tells the harrowing story of a young woman who is tormented by the demons of her past trauma. In her follow up interview with the Capilano Courier, CJ describes her passion for the ethical exploration of mental illness through the avenue of self expression. The Arts Club Theatre was incredibly supportive every step of the way from the early stages of script development onward to a professional staged reading at the Revue Stage on Granville Island.


In a delicate blend of violence and intimacy, a pair of young lovers explore the limits of their compassion and ability to form a tangible human connection. In the dead of night the pair entertain themselves with the childish and crazed antics of young lovers. They tease, scream and live carelessly in the moment. The rest of the world could be dead for all they care. Time stands still for them in the space where silence meets the darkness. But something is different about tonight. The lovers cannot keep old memories and resentment from invading their safe place. Any sense of normalcy is choked into submission when the memories invade a battered consciousness. Can anyone come to grips with their shaken and disturbed reality?