City Never Sleeps

I fuck her with the sun on our naked backs. We lay in bed with the taste of burnt coffee on our lips. I try to speak but she tells me not to.

– The City Never Sleeps by CJ McGillivray

In September 2014, CJ McGillivray participated in the Wet Ink Collective Fall Playwriting Intensive led by acclaimed dramaturge and director Jane Haymen. The participants included a diverse group of emerging and established artists including Yvette Dudley-Neuman, Virginia Gillespie, CJ McGillivray, Leslie Stark, Maureen Robinson, Rosemary Rowe and Veronique West.

The Wet Ink Collective is a local initiative supporting female playwrights to develop and produce stage plays with strong female protagonists. The collective asks vital questions and looks to find more female playwrights in professional theatres around the globe. This insight and empowerment is driven by founding members Loretta Seto, Lynna Goldhar Smith and Susinn McFarlen.

During the intensive, each playwright takes on the development of a full length script with strong mentorship and the support of her peers. CJ McGillivray was inspired to create a fresh dramatic work, The City Never Sleeps.  She draws inspiration from the New York skyline and starving artists who live within the city limits. The play has an essence of romance and lilting, unfinished melodies. She looks forward to experimenting with the notions of insomnia, indecision, romance, creativity, loss and music. Her desire is to combine a passion for classical music with a surreal understanding of the thoughts that keep us awake each night.