Werewolf Eyes

She flipped my world upside down. Like a drop dead gorgeous werewolf.

– Werewolf Eyes by CJ McGillivray

During her final semester at Capilano University, CJ had the pleasure of working as both an actor and screenwriter in correlation with the Capilano University Cinematography Department. Her short comedy, Werewolf Eyes, represents a critical though ridiculous look at gender dynamics and the nature of flirtation. The project was created under the mentorship of acclaimed local filmmaker and performer Jackson Davies.

In her most unflattering and comedic role to date, CJ McGillivray plays the character of Jane, an entirely unabashed girl next door who can keep up with her male friends on any gaming console. Jane may be a cute tomboy though she often wears a backwards baseball cap and an oversized sweatshirt with ketchup and mustard stains in place of mascara or lipstick. She could care less how she fairs against cruel, commercial standards of beauty but she foolishly enforces those same standards on every other woman she encounters. Underneath the relaxed facade is plenty of sexual tension and awkwardness with her friend Brent, the sweet and hopeless romantic, played by Kelly McCabe.

Werewolf Eyes was a fun, radical milestone for CJ as her first comedic screenwriting venture. Jumping headfirst into comedy was a terrific experience and she looks forward to continuing this exploration.