White Picket Fence

Do you honestly believe that I share a soul with that old cunt?

– White Picket Fence by CJ McGillivray

One wistful springtime afternoon, a pair of teenagers break in through the window of an old and decrepit haunted house. In White Picket Fence by CJ McGillivray, the suburban misadventure of Chelsea and Cooper Evans brings them closer to a lingering and familiar presence. In her sophomore full length play, CJ McGillivray was honoured to be featured as a resident playwright with Delinquent Theatre.  She was joined by brilliant local artists Christopher Cook with his family drama Quick Bright Things, Mily Mumford with a twisted duet Love is for Superbeasts and Sebastian Kroon with his suspenseful solo show Wolf.

Under the direction of Laura McLean, her intimate drama was brought to life by a stellar cast of local professionals. Daniel Doheny portrayed Cooper Evans with Yoshié Bancroft as his foul mouthed younger cousin, Chelsea Evans. The instant chemistry and banter on stage was a credit to the amazing talent that was brought on board. Mack Gordon took on the challenging role of Richard Evans as a haunted presence who unknowingly whispers the darkest of family secrets. He was accompanied by local actress Genevieve Fleming in the role of his beloved but tormented wife, Marianne Wakefield.