Why I Hate Utah


In August of 2015, Rising Phoenix Theatre proudly presented an independent production of Why I Hate Utah by Andrew Ferguson. Running from August 14th to 23rd, the play moves through the back roads of America, culminating in a absurd breakfast that forever changes the life of a simple man. CJ McGillivray experimented with her visual instincts, creating a simplistic set inspired by vintage diners, Southern charm and devilish symbolism. The cast and crew featured many talented emerging artists and recent theatre school graduates from the lower mainland.


Mariam Barry
Mike Bodzanowski
Chelsea Cameron
Sean D. Fabisch
Helena Fisher-Welsh
Austin Holm
Cash McQuaid
Sofia Bunting Newman


Directed by Chelsea Cameron, Sofia Bunting Newman and Hannah Siden
Stage Management by Joshua Wilson
Set Design by CJ McGillivray
Costume Design by Ann-Marie Zak
Poster Design by Carol McQuaid