In January 2014, CJ McGillivray assisted director Stephen Atkins on a university production of Witness for the Prosecution by Agatha Christie. The classical murder mystery was an incredible learning experience for her through unconventional story development and a unique creative design. Every aspect of the production, from the set design to the original musical composition, was an homage to the classical black and white melodramas of the early fifties.

In her role as the assistant director, CJ was able to lead a deep exploration into character development, backstory and relationships among the players and suspects in the murder mystery. She also had the pleasure of acting in the court room ensemble as a member of the jury.

Local theatre critic MJ Ankenman from  Vancouver Scape gave a favourable review to the ensemble, saying that she “found the acting quality superb throughout the entire cast.” She emphasizes how the work of Agatha Christie is “challenging for any actor. The plays are heavy on dialogue and subtle in their nuances of character.”