Writer’s Block

With her foray as an artistic producer and dramaturge, CJ experienced a great deal of success at the Vancouver Fringe Festival this past September. In association with 1265 Productions, her cast and crew brought a deeply painful and intimate story to life on the stage. The Vancouver Sun describes Writer’s Block as a challenging experience with “a relentlessly dark tone and pages of layered dialogue.” The creative process was very collaborative throughout the summer with CJ as a production manager, a sound designer and an artistic eye alongside local playwright Nathaniel Roy. The creative team was complimented by a stunning ensemble featuring Devon Thor, John Dickinson and Natasha Rose Wahid in the lead role of Nazo Tarzi. Natasha made a very strong impression on her audience throughout the performance run. Erika Thorkelson of The Vancouver Sun describes her as “impressively raw” in the portrayal of “a grieving schoolteacher begging for mercy.” The experience was incredibly enriching for CJ and she looks forward to further opportunities with the Vancouver Fringe Festival. She is deeply thankful to the cast and crew of Writer’s Block for sharing such an artistically worthwhile and engaging summer.