Iron to Rust

Cynical depression and sympathetic intentions explode, threatening the fate of an already unhealthy relationship.

Making Waves

Making Waves is a short film about Dawson Harrington, a fictional young musician who suffers from amnesia after he experiences a severe car accident. Frustration builds within him until he discovers a way back to recovery with the help of his younger sister, Jayme Harrington. The short film was produced in May 2015 in associationContinue reading “Making Waves”


A vulnerable, nonverbal teenager must confront her traumatic past when she meets a troubled musician with nothing left to lose.

Elvish Blades

The Elvish Blades are an alliance of assassins and revolutionaries who act as the moral guardians of their land. When the world falls into chaos, the alliance is seriously damaged and the fate of the land falls on the shoulders of a young half elf. To save the land, he must embark on a journey toContinue reading “Elvish Blades”

Stan Anderson

Dark comedy recently took on a fresh meaning at the Simon Fraser University School for Contemporary Arts.

Seasonal Romance

The autumn months were filled with diversely romantic and challenging film roles for CJ McGillivray, giving her a strong appreciation for the comedic value of unrequited love.


This short film has an incredible narrative told through dynamic visuals, classical music and the absence of language.

Heart Beats

CJ McGillivray recently had the pleasure of playing a lead role in the short film Heart Beats, produced by the Vancouver Film School.

Cursed and Bruised

In the late spring, CJ found herself immersed in a raucous and fiendish pirate tale directed by Chelsea Goodman.

Love Empire

Near the end of her university experience in theatre and film, CJ McGillivray was given a refreshing, fun opportunity to work on the short film Love Empire.