Almost, Maine

I tried to make you love me by giving you every bit of love I had. And now I don’t have anything left for me.

Werewolf Eyes

During her final semester at Capilano University, CJ had the pleasure of working as both an actor and screenwriter.

Phoebe and Bianca

In the early spring, CJ was given the honour of working on a dramatic short film with emerging director Kevin Yang in association with aFocus Entertainment.


Apparently your boyfriend thought it would be fun to turn my car into a psychiatrist’s office. Did you put him up to this?


Henchmen is a short comedic film that takes place in a world where super heroes and villains are commonplace. But the stereotypes of the genre are turned upside down by focusing on two nobody henchmen as the main characters. Hank and Dom are tasked with the simple job of guarding the elevator to an evilContinue reading “Henchmen”