Judith Fair

In March 2019, Alley Theatre produced Judith Fair, a progressive variety show featuring a mix of burlesque, dance, comedy, sketch, theatre and music. The event functioned as a call to action, a night of creativity and education and as a celebration for International Women’s Day. The event took place at the Vancouver Eastside Cultural Centre onContinue reading “Judith Fair”

Much Ado

When I said I would die a bachelor, I did not think I should live till I were married. – Benedick from Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare Set in a mesmerizing theatrical world, Much Ado About Nothing is a deadly serious and sublimely ridiculous story of soldiers in love and women confined by tradition.Continue reading “Much Ado”

Die Hard

On the night before Christmas, John McClane is on a mission to save his wife from German terrorists led by the debonair Hans Gruber… all while singing hit songs from the eighties.

Romeo and Juliet

Blissful love, family drama, pledges and heartbreak. Set to original music by CJ McGillivray alongside a fun playlist of indie pop rock.

We Three

Follow three friends through a world of colours, textures, song, and interactive play as they learn who they are, the importance of friendship, and what it means to find your place in the world.

Mr. Burns

After the collapse of civilization, a group of survivors share a campfire and begin to piece together the plot of an old Simpson episode entirely from memory.

Good Day and Good Night

When they first meet, the Sun and Moon seem too different to even be friends. But through song, adventure and a little help from their animal friends, the pair learn to accept their differences and become friends.

On My Walk

On My Walk is an interactive, playful story which invites very young children and their families to take part, clap, sing, and move together.

Dot and Ziggy

What happens when you integrate theatre so early in a child’s life that it becomes something you do, so it becomes the fabric of what you do?

Hide and Seek

Creative exploration runs deep in good company. But what happens when good company has the pressure of a ticking clock and massive competition?