Movin’ On Up

In August 2015, Staircase Theatre Society presented an evening of staged readings entitled Movin’ On Up. The event took place at CBC Studio 700 and featured two scripts from emerging playwrights Christopher Cook and CJ McGillivray. CAST Yoshie Bancroft, Georgia Beaty, Emmelia Gordon, Allan Morgan and Deb Williams CREATIVE TEAM Directed by Brian Cochrane withContinue reading “Movin’ On Up”

Solos and Duets

Through her involvement with The Wet Ink Collective, CJ McGillivray was recently featured at the BC Buds Spring Arts Festival in association with the Firehall Arts Centre.

Meet Me Tonight

Everyone deserves a chance to smile. Take off your shoes and stay awhile…

City Never Sleeps

CJ McGillivray was honoured to take part in a Fall Playwriting Intensive with the all female Wet Ink Collective led by acclaimed dramaturge and director Jane Haymen.

White Picket Fence

One wistful springtime afternoon, a pair of teenagers break in through the window of an old and decrepit haunted house.

Rogue Horizon

Our mother is out there somewhere, far off in the desert talking with Jesus. She tells him that she loves him but he cannot be with her…

31 Plays in 31 Days

In a recent interview with publicist Adrienne Pender, CJ McGillivray talks about her artistic experience, struggles and where she finds her inspiration as a playwright.

Blood Orange Scotch Seawater

After a tragic death in the family, a dysfunctional quartet of friends come together for an endless night of indulgence and amusement.

The Waiting Line

Just because someone can make your heart spasm and seize up in pain, doesn’t make them your soulmate. We don’t have some tragic romance.

LEAP Intensive

The most important thing about this program is that it really encourages and teaches young people how to take control and develop a really positive relationship with their own creativity.