The Mystery Plays

In December 2016, Little Mountain Lion Productions embarked on an ambitious production of The Mystery Plays, written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and directed by Madelyn Osborne.


Set in post war Berlin, Frankenstein 1945 explores the world of Victor Frankenstein, a young doctor who has recently severed ties to the Nazi medical experiments.


Set in a future Japan where sea levels have risen and drowned the coastal cities, Umizoko explores survival, culture and the tension of displacement and belonging in the face of disaster. The installation is an interactive puzzle of sights, sounds, and smells from a dystopian though entirely realistic world. Each technological artifact reveals a story ofContinue reading “Umizoko”

Title of Show

Two nobody musical theatre nerds make a pact to write an original musical in three weeks. They follow the old adage to write what you know and set off on a unique musical adventure.

Last Night

Slow dancing and wild abandon are the essence of Last Night by Shaelyn Johnston, especially in the premiere staged production by CJ McGillivray.