Hide and Seek

Creative exploration runs deep in good company. But what happens when good company has the pressure of a ticking clock and massive competition?


The spring was filled with passion, tension and tragedy in the form of a beautiful and challenging production of Antigone by Sophocles.

Brave New Play Rites

BNPR 2016 supports emerging artists by presenting a brilliant collection of short plays in association with the University of British Columbia.

Meet Me Tonight

Everyone deserves a chance to smile. Take off your shoes and stay awhile…

City Never Sleeps

CJ McGillivray was honoured to take part in a Fall Playwriting Intensive with the all female Wet Ink Collective led by acclaimed dramaturge and director Jane Haymen.

Herm and Gertie

Enter into a familiar landscape haunted by ghosts and other monsters as a brother and sister trace the story of Hansel and Gretel through the ruins of what was once Vancouver.

RIP! A Winkle in Time

One week after her graduation from the theatre department at Capilano University, CJ was thrilled to come on board with Axis Theatre on their production of RIP! A Winkle in Time.

Almost, Maine

I tried to make you love me by giving you every bit of love I had. And now I don’t have anything left for me.

Last Night

Slow dancing and wild abandon are the essence of Last Night by Shaelyn Johnston, especially in the premiere staged production by CJ McGillivray.

White Picket Fence

One wistful springtime afternoon, a pair of teenagers break in through the window of an old and decrepit haunted house.