social media management

Photo by Lisa on Unsplash

Below are some examples of recent social media marketing efforts for various brands and campaigns. All selected writing, content development and graphic designs are by CJ McGillivray:

  • University of British Columbia, Department of English Language and Literatures

Currently, CJ McGillivray works as an administrative and communications assistant at the University of British Columbia. Her role focuses on graphic design, social media management, event planning and administrative support to build student engagement and support the overarching goals of the UBC Department of English Language and Literatures.

  • Ashton College

In her role as the digital content developer for Ashton College, CJ McGillivray was responsible for social media management, graphic design and video editing. Her social media posts focused on community engagement, event promotions and reminders, course announcements, educational resources and career or lifestyle inspiration.

  • Tom Lee Music Canada

As the social media manager for Tom Lee Music Canada for over five years, CJ McGillivray prepared all of the daily social media content and email marketing assets for the company. Her posts covered corporate sales, product features, human interest content, artist features and sponsored event coverage.

  • TechnoEdge Learning

Jumping into the realm of cybersecurity, CJ McGillivray created daily social media content for an online education platform called TechnoEdge Learning. The company offers online cybersecurity courses to provide IT professionals with the skills they need to pass certification exams and level up their careers.

  • Espace D

As a marketing assistant at Espace D, CJ McGillivray crafted engaging social media posts and monthly newsletters for a local gallery and home decor showroom. The brand voice demanded a refined elegance to promote local fine art, classic decor and the latest trends in Nordic design.

  • Still Water

CJ McGillivray prepared social media content for the independent short film Still Water as part of an online fundraising campaign. The channel also shared content in support of a submission to STORYHIVE, a community-powered funding program designed to support emerging content creators in British Columbia and Alberta.

  • Steinway Society of Canada

Continuing her work in community engagement, CJ McGillivray launched social media channels from the ground up for the Steinway Society of Canada. The organization is dedicated to elevating young musicians and fostering community through musical education.

  • Explore BC

Beyond her formal marketing roles, CJ McGillivray enjoys taking photos and writing about a broad range of topics and initiatives. The following posts feature local tourist attractions around the province of British Columbia, promoting the annual tourism challenge.