On stage, CJ McGillivray loves portraying the darker side of comedy and dysfunctional relationships. Recent stage credits include the role of Lisa Simpson in Mr. Burns (Little Mountain Lion Productions), Holly Gennero in Die Hard: The Musical (District 13 Presents), Portia in Julius Caesar (Two Gentlemen of Vancouver), Ismene in Antigone (Theatre Pandora) and Mary Bennet in Pride and Prejudice (EXXIIT). For a complete summary of her acting experience, please refer to her acting resume.

Behind the scenes, CJ McGillivray has design expertise in the following areas:

For a detailed summary of her production experience in film and theatre, please refer to her production resume.


The following portfolio details a selection of recent theatre contracts for CJ McGillivray, encompassing her work as an actor, playwright, sound designer, composer and projection designer: