Theatre has always provided a second home for CJ McGillivray. She is especially drawn to the darker side of comedy and dysfunctional romance on stage. In the past couple of years, CJ has had the opportunity to portray a tortured sweetheart in Julius Caesar, a grieving daughter in Antigone and a passionate though painfully awkward sister in Pride and Prejudice. With every performance experience, her appreciation and love of the stage has only increased. For a complete summary of her acting experience, please refer to her Acting Resume.

She is also quite passionate about working behind the scenes and exploring the challenging medium of directing for the stage. Last Spring, CJ had the opportunity to direct an intellectual, absurdist drama by emerging playwright Sam Dzierzawa. Figure explored the complex relationship between dysfunctional brothers who inhabit a false reality of mathematics, conflict and playfulness. With a strong focus on character development and physical metaphor, the story resonated with local audiences. She looks forward to continuing her exploration of directing in the years to come. For a detailed summary of her production experience in film and theatre, refer to her Production Resume and Design Portfolio.