Photo by Teona Swift

In addition to her creative and corporate work, CJ McGillivray is a professional academic writing tutor for high school, college and university students. She has four years of experience working as a college tutor and has seven years of experience as a professional copywriter, creating marketing content, writing press releases and editing proposals.

To book an online tutoring session, please leave your contact information or connect with CJ McGillivray directly through SuperProf. She is currently available for individual online bookings. Her teaching methodology is to coach and empower students to find solutions and clarify their own writing. Her mandate as a tutor is to never correct or edit writing based on her own preferences and ideas. She instead works to support students in elevating their own writing, giving them agency and validation.


CJ is an amazing teacher! She is very attentive, detailed, and supportive with her training process. She always provides all of the resources needed to succeed and is very open to questions and continued support. I have left every one of her training sessions feeling much more confident and prepared.

– Jimi

CJ is incredibly intuitive. She can pick up through conversation which parts are making sense to you and which are not. Then she weaves the concepts perfectly into your understanding and makes it intuitive for you too. She is also very kind and welcoming, making the whole process a lot more vibrant and honestly faster. I would recommend her to absolutely anyone.

– Brittany

Perfect! CJ was knowledgable, experienced and easy to communicate with.

– Kim

Her patience and passion for teaching made a difference in my term. She created a supportive work environment. CJ was always willing to listen to other people ideas and went above and beyond supporting her coworkers. I believe that all of these qualities will make her a great teacher.

– Maria

Thank you for the workshop. I really enjoyed it and especially appreciated her way of teaching and awareness of different learning styles.

– Cindy


Through Ashton Education, CJ had the privilege of teaching a live online master class preparing students for the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP). The following video recording demonstrates her interactive and supportive tutoring style on a larger scale. She emphasizes positive encouragement and finding creative approaches to make academic life easier, building on the skills and insight people already have but are not aware of.